We are experts in CDN. Not just the technology but also the market, the business, the ecosystems, and future of the CDN industry. In a more and more fragmented world of CDN we know the way. Do you? Don’t make expensive mistakes and learn from us.

Streaming Media

We are experts in streaming media. Whether it is audio, video, workflows, low-latency or else, we understand the nature of it. Not just pure technology but understanding the ecosystems and players around it. Do you? Don’t stay puzzled and learn from us.


We are experts in OTT. We know it is complex and it is new. We know how to scale and connect: with its technology, with its infrastructure, and with its costs. We understand the challenges and we understand the future. Do you? Don’t stay doubting and learn from us.


We are experts in infrastructure. We know it can grow exponentially. We know the current state and future of infrastructure and how to help scale, technologically and commercially. We know what works. Do you? Don’t get stuck in scale and learn from us.